Film Review: Moko Jumbie (2017)

‘Moko Jumbie’ dabbles in powerful spiritual themes, boldly confronts class and ethnic stereotypes and seduces with beautiful visuals of Trinidad. The film reaches ambitiously toward fusing our folkloric heritage into a relatable, supernatural love story, which is admirable. The performances are solid and the trip is eventful and fun to watch. However, the film seems to get lost along the way, hampered by too many plot holes and an unfocused approach to tone and intent. One might also consider the title of this film as mysterious as its ending.


Young actors shine in ‘Green Days by the River’

Even before Green Days by the River is released on the big screen, the film has already scored big. Two weeks ago, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) announced that the production will open next month’s premiere – making it the first feature film, directed and produced by Trinbagonian talent, to achieve such a…

Making Out Dem Drama Queens

Drama Queens is a feature length docu-film explores the personal and professional lives of four of Trinidad and Tobago’s most dynamic and iconic female stage performers – Cecilia Salazar, Leslie-Ann Lavine, Rhoma Spencer and Penelope Spencer.

Addicted to Soca – ‘Bazodee’ actor, Valmike Rampersad on connecting with his T&T heritage

The upcoming film ‘Bazodee‘, which had its US premiere in August, and finally returns to its home in Trinidad & Tobago this month, brings fresh eyes to Trinbago’s culture, music and film industry in a way that may be long overdue. The film also brings together a cast of talented actors from all over the world. Amongst them is UK-based, Trini-born…